Born Free Range

Born Free Range is ritually made for protection grounding & cleansing.  This range is great for everyone but especially great for the empaths out there who are constantly picking up on other people's energy and vibes. Use the Oil it to prevent psychic attacks, hexes and any other negative energies coming your way. 

This range has been charged with black obsidian which helps protect you from other people's stress and emotional energies such as: ill-wishing, cursing, psychic attack, envy, fixation, jealousy, sorcery, malevolent spirits, manipulation and abuse. It will also aid in a run of bad luck or ill fortune, and even combat the negative vibes of a room, home, building or plot of land.

Create a Ritual Bath or shower using the scrubs or soak whenever you feel ungrounded, anxious, when feeling like someone has put a curse/evil eye on you, when you have been around people and your energy has been sucked out use this to cleanse and restore your energy and vibe.