Bees Wax Alter Candles

Bees Wax Alter Candles

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Our altar candles are made with 100% beeswax and natural dyes. 

💗Pink Self Love, Self Care, healing
 Comes with dried rose on each have a soft, warm scent of Rose & Geranium & Cinnamon. Burn these when your room needs a loving, warm vibe, as the scent will bring an air of comfort to any space. You may also like to rub your candle in Feeling Myself Ritual Oil and place on your altar.   Please remove adornments before burning. 

🕊WHITE Cleansing, purification and clarity.

These candles were created to aid in times of ritual.  They will release a calming vibe & scented with Lavender, Clary Sage & other calming oils when you burn them, and have a gorgeous piece of dried lavender attached. Light these when you need clarity, peace or as a substitute for any other colour. You may like to rub your Just Breathe Oil on it to relieve symptoms stress, my Trauma oil when needing a slight sedation yet to have a clear mind. Or my Born Free ritual oil for protection, removing negative vibes and grounding. Please remove adornments before burning.


💰GREEN Prosperity, good luck & blessings. 

Burn when performing money drawing ritual candle, rub your Hustla Ritual Oil to make the ritual stronger. Use before a job interview, use it when money isn’t coming in like it used to, more clients and more bookings. Comes with a stick of cinnamon in it which you can burn on charcoal  or like Palo Santo. Scented with Rose Geranium & cinnamon. Whenever you need a boost of good luck financially burn this candle. 

🧿BLACK Protection, evil eye removal, grounding.

Burn when you feel you can’t catch a break, this may be because you have been the topic of someone’s jealousy which may end up with you having an evil eye or hex on you. Rub Born Free oil on this candle to for protection, grounding and purification. Comes with a small piece of Palo Santo. 



Comes in Packs of 2.