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Born Free Ritual Oil Roller

This ritual oil is a sacred mix of elements designed to give you the ultimate protection. It is especially great for the empaths out there who are constantly picking up on other people's energy and vibes. Use it to prevent psychic attacks, hexes and any other negative energies coming your way.

This protection oil has been ritually crafted over many months. It has been infused with sage, Palo Santo & other herbs to keep you protected, grounded & to allow you to not take on any one else’s negative energy. Ritually charged under two full moons and absorbed the love of multiple crystals. It has also been charged with black obsidian which helps protect you from other people's stress and emotional energies such as: ill-wishing, cursing, psychic attack, envy, fixation, jealousy, sorcery, malevolent spirits, manipulation and abuse. It will also aid in a run of bad luck or ill fortune, and even combat the negative vibes of a room, home, building or plot of land.

Ritual: Hold oil in hands in the morning and ask or visualize feeling grounded, protected & have all negative energies removed & sent back to sender. Rub on wrists, soles of feet & behind ears. Keep on you throughout the day and use anytime you feel someone maybe sending you bitter vibes, use when you are feeling ungrounded or anxious. Perfect to add to your ritual bath at the end of the day to cleanse and ground you before bed.

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