Dangerously In Love Range

Dangerously In Love Range is for chord cutting rituals, new beginning’s & karmic cleansing, 

Helps to cut the ties with ex lovers, helps you to use your head not your heart when it comes to finding your partners, helps to attract true love which can only be done once you cut the chords/love uncrossing ritual. This range is also great for empaths who know & feel everything, who dream everything, you can’t expect to find your soulmate when you have yet to heal from past relationships, you cannot expect anyone to love you if you do not love yourself, burning the candle or using the scrub allows you to cut all energetic ties  is like a fresh start. I highly recommend you set a date, with yourself, do the ritual scrub whilst burning this candle, and being in a closed room smudging yourself completely, wash your hair, clean under your nails and sit in the smoke filled room whilst writing a letter to him/yourself/whoever or whatever you need to let go of. 

Using affirmations such as “dear universe, I ask you cut all energetic ties between (insert name) and I. I ask you to remove all energy that is no longer serving me, I am (say your name) and I own my body, I love myself unconditionally and I do not give permission for anyone to break into my energetic space, please protect me, cleanse my mind body & spirit and allow my heart to heal so I may love again”