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Protect & Cleanse Ritual Smudge Kit

Cleanse & Protect Ritual Smudge Kit ⠀

Black Tourmaline is a protective & grounding stone. It strongly protects you or your space against negative vibes & thoughts and encourages healing on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Acting as a vortex it sucks all negative energy in & encourages good mental health patterns, removing disharmony, negative emotions and thoughts. ⠀

Selenite again is a very cleansing stone. Used for mental focus and clarity, sharpening your awareness and restoring balance to mind body & soul. Selenite I’m your home or sacred space provides protection from negative vibes and creates and peaceful, safe & quiet environment. Cleanse and charge your crystals by putting them on top of your selenite wand. Sweep away negative energy & shift energy blockages by using the wand in a gliding motion from your head to your feet. ⠀

Sage + Palo Santo are both sacred, cleansing & purifying. By completely a smudging ritual we can neutralize our aura & remove negative energy from our body, mind and soul. Both release negative thought patterns & raise your vibration. ⠀

Who’s ready for me to show you how to do a smudging Ritual?

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