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How to Build an Altar

An Altar is the a beautiful and sacred way for you to honor your ancestors and the universe. Many people are having financial issues, bad relationships, health problems, mental illnesses especially after what we have gone through with lockdown. Having a sacred place where you may talk, pray, meditate, ask for blessings or protection. Whatever you are wanting to manifest, an altar is a great place to start. 

Building an Altar is very simple.  Obviously there are many types and everyone’s living situation is different.  For the sake of keeping this how-to resource simple and to-the-point, we will focus on a basic altar setup.  

 Most altars have a connection to elements (fire, water, air, earth). To get things started, let’s gather all the items you’ll need. Rituals With Loves creats affordable altar tools.

What You Need:

Table - to have a table made from something natural like wood or metal.

 Pictures –
These are pictures of your deceased loved ones or guardian angels. If you don’t have any, you may write their names on a piece of paper or book.  

Flowers (I use roses) You may also place a bunch of flowers or a plant on the altar to represent your family tree.  

•Pink - Love + Healing 

•White- Cleansing + to honor the people who have passed away

•Yellow & Orange - Prosperity + Blessings 

Personal Items & Vices – Place any items that belonged to things our Ancestors  liked.  For instance, you may had a grandmother who liked a particular perfume,  Any writers in your bloodline?  Place a pen or pencil on the altar.  Things  like cigarettes, cigars, alcohol, tobacco, beer and whiskey can go on the altars, too. I place those mini chocolates filled with alcohol when honoring my grandfather. 

• Ritual Candles – Candles represent the element fire.  When lit before offerings, it sends a signal to the Spirit World that you have something for them.

Rituals With Love covers all your ritual candle needs. 

Blessing candle for infinite blessings 

Bless Up & Girl Boss candle for prosperity 

Me & U Candle for healing relationships or to start your Journey of self love. 

B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe & F*ck Boy Free Zone for protection, to ward off negative vibes & rid the evil eye. 

Dangerously In Love & F*ck Boy Free for chord cutting when ending a relationship. 

Water – Water obviously represents the water element.  You can place water in a glass or chalice.  Traditionally water has been place on altars for many years.  Water is a viable element along with the others. You can also use Florida Water which is available at Rituals With Love. 

Incense – Incense and other items whose smoke goes in the air represents that element.  Burning herbs, resin and sage are also popular. All of these are available at rituals with love. 

Crystals, Stones and Natural Earth  – Completing the elemental roundup are crystals and stones representing earth.  Try putting some crystals that symbolizes your family. 

For Love place a rose quartz 

For money use Green adventurine or citrine 

For protection Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian 

For good vibes Clear Quartz and Selenite

I offer many crystals packs of single crystals 

You can also use any of your ritual oils to strengthen your ritual.