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How to use Florida Water for rituals, cleansing and blessings

  1. Blessing Floorwash– Add Florida Water to your normal cleaning mix to add extra blessings of protection.
  2. Direction Foot Bath– Take a small basin or bucket, add warm water and a splash of the water and dip your feet to give you a blessing of guidance and direction.
  3. Remove Negativity Bath – Draw yourself a bath, add a dash Florida Water, a handful of sea salt, and 3 drops of Frankincense oil. Use whenever negativity has got a hold of you.
  4. Happiness Bath – Draw yourself a bath, add a dash of Florida Water, a dash of Rose water and 3 drops of Lavendar oil to bring happiness and blessings.
  5. Laundry Rinse – Add a dash of this magickal Water to your fabric softener or final laundry rinse to bless and protect your clothes.
  6. Do a Pre-Ritual Cleanse by applying Florida Water to the back of your neck.
  7. Use it as Offering Water in the cemetery to honor the ancestors.
  8. Bathe your crystals and magickal jewelry in diluted Florida Water to cleanse and protect them.
  9. Make a Good Luck Spray from Florida Water, Spring Water and 3 drops of Patchouly oil. Use before playing the lottery or gambling.
  10. Place Florida Water and Sea Water in a bowl under the bed to invite good dreams.
  11. Make a Protection Spray from Florida Water, Sea Water, and 3 drops Myrrh oil. Use generously.
  12. Sprinkle on windowsills and thresholds to protect your home and welcome good energy.
  13. Place a cap full of it in with your hair conditioner to bless your head
  14. Make a Divination Blessing Sprayfrom Florida Water, Tap Water and a small piece of amethyst crystal in a spray bottle. Use before reading tarot cards on your hands, and on the space where you are doing the reading.
  15. A large Sacred Circle Blessing can be performed by sprinkling Florida water counterclockwise around your Home or ritual space.
  16. A small Sacred Circle Blessing can be performed on your ritual tools by laying them out on a cloth and sprinkling Florida water counterclockwise around that in a circle.
  17. Place a bowl of Florida Water under your sink with a quartz crystal in it for an easy Kitchen Blessing.
  18. Create a wash for 7 day candles in glass from tap water and a dash of Florida Water.
  19. To do a Wallet Money Blessing bathe a cowrie shell in Florida Water, then carry it in your wallet or pocket for financial success.
  1. This list is just a beginning, please leave your own special uses for this magickal water below, and if you like what you have read please share, share, share the blessing