30 ml Ritual Oil Roller

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Available in all ritual oils. Have your favorite oil available to you at all times. Thick glass so will not break in your bag. Leave a note when ordering which one you would like...

Feeling myself to promote vibes oself-loveve, confidence & to re-up your divine feminine energy. 

Hustla to promote vibes of abundance, prosperity, wealth, good luck & mental clarity and strength to get you through a long working day or shift. 

Born free to promote grounding vibrations, protection from negative energy or hexes/evil eye & deep cleansing. 

Just breathe to promote serenity, calm & induce peaceful vibes to aid you in a restful sleep or when feeling anxious. 

Dangerously in Love to help you cut chords from past lovers, toxic relationships or friendships, allowing you to use your head & not your heart when it comes to finding true love, soul mate or to aid you in helping you on a journey to learn how to love yourself after being in an abusive relationship. Clears blockages and negative thought patterns. 

Trauma oil to induce calm vibrations in times of trauma, gently sedates you yet stimulates clear thinking so you will be able to think rationally not hysterically during traumatic life events. Also promotes self love & sleep. 

Please note this is my whole oil collection. Each one is different & unlabeled in this photo. Refer to each individual oil for more info.  

All ritual oils contain organic high-grade carrier oils,100% essential oils and 100% Australian grown herbs.