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Rose gold and Rose Quartz Facial Roller🌹


These beautiful Rollers is handmade using Rose Quartz + Rose Gold.â €
â €
What is it good for? â €
To Reduce Puffinessâ €
Tighten and Firm Skinâ €
Toningâ €
Increase blood circulationâ €
Aid absorption of skincare productsâ €
Promotes Lymph Drainageâ €
Releases tight muscles â €
Reduces lines in the face.â €
â €
Designed to be used as a ritual skincare to tool to promote circulation and encourage skin cell renewal. Face Rollers also work to kickstart the lymphatic system which helped to relieve puffiness and water retention. Made from Rose Quartz, this stone promotions unconditional love+ healing â €
â €
Incorporating a faceroller to your day/night ritual is the perfect way to practice care. Great for applying your serum as the crystals and rolling help the skin penetrate better, then you get better absorption as well as skin health, improved skin tone, and a stunning glow✨

Using the roller on your face helps with muscle tension. By using a roller it acts as a mini massage, reducing wrinkles, puffiness especially to the eye area.

Roller is cleansed and charged. Complete your skin care ritual in an effortless yet effective way, whilst promoting vibes of self love, comfort, grounding & protection.  

Skin care ritual: Apply Rose Quartz Serum onto your face & gently apply pressure with the roller, Moisturize & then spray with Rose Quartz facial spray. When applying you may like to say some uplifting words such as, "May my skin glow like a youthful goddess". 


*roller only*