Aphrodite Oil

Womb Cleansing Ritual using Aphrodite oil.

This alchemical oil has been blessed with daily reiki, intention, divine guidance & infused with botanical ingredients, essential oils, crystals & moonlight for 7 days. It helps support healing, purification for you when another person who has been in your energy field, touched, entered, or used your body, mind, heart or spirit.

Infused with rosemary, black pepper, clove, ginger, lemon, cypress, lavender & juniper berries which all help with protection, mental release, self blame, denial, acceptance, relaxation, self forgiveness, sleep & balance.

Infused with black obsidian, rose Quartz, kunzite, jade & rhodochrosite which all help remove old energy, offer unconditional love, encourages self care, invokes self trust & self love & brings harmony & balances PH fluids of the body.

This oil removes your passed partners energy, brings love & gentle healing back into your yoni & womb space whilst removing blockages that may be making you burn out. Emotional labour is also so hard on the mind & spirit so this will help renew your thoughts and allow you to come back to YOU. Comes with a mini tarot reading & instructions

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