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Aphrodite Ritual Bath Soak

Aphrodite Rituals Bath Soak⠀

Ritually blended and infused with Organic Coconut Milk, crushed rose petals, baby rose buds & other herbs to bring out your inner goddess. ⠀

Run a bath, light a candle, put a scoop of the Ritual soak in and relax, and let the magic happen.⠀

How does it work?⠀

This luxurious soak is made with deeply hydrating organic coconut powder, crushed rose petals, Jasmin flowers, camomile flowers, baby rose buds, chunky pink Himalayan salts & Epsom salts, 100% essential oils & topped with 2 different crystals. Coconut milk contains high levels of Vitamin C which helps maintain skin elasticity and flexibility, while the relaxing properties of the salts helps loosen tension in the muscles.⠀

This bath soak will leave you feeling relaxed, empowered, confident & the crystals promote unconditional self love. The salts will relax your muscles whilst the coconut & crushed petals will leave you skin feeling soft, moisturized & brand new ⠀

Ritual: Add desired amount to bathtub, add favourite flowers, crystals or any additional oils. Light a candle, soak, meditate and enjoy. ⠀

Directions: Add 1-2 tablespoons to a warm bath. Sit back + enjoy goddess! ⠀

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