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Apophyllite & Stillbite Crystal

Stilbite has healing properties that can be used to treat laryngitis. It can also be accessed to remove toxins from the body.

It can also help stabilize hyperactivity, which makes this an ideal stone for those who suffer from ADD and ADHD. It’s also known to be helpful in stabilizing brain chemistry which is great for people with mental illnesses.

Stilbite can be used to attract prosperity and increase your wealth and abundance.

It’s a highly creative stone that will open your intuition and bring you loving and supportive energies in any endeavor, especially financial ones.

Stilbite will activate and heal the heart chakra, and it will emanate a quiet and unending joy. Simply put, it’s a stone of love vibrations!

This stone will support anything that’s related with matters of the heart, and it will infuse them with energies of love, hope, joy, and acceptance.

If you haven’t found the love that you have been searching for, the energies of Stilbite will change your romantic landscape for the better and attract positive romantic opportunities!

It will make you realize all the things that you desire in a relationship and in a romantic partner. The warm and loving and energies of Stilbite will help you make them a reality.

*please not the crystals I have in stock now are larger & Have a beautiful peachy colour. Due to the 5km travel restrictions I cannot go to the warehouse to take new pics of these crystals but they are absolutely stunning. If you would like to see a photo before purchase please email me*

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