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Letting Go✨ Crystal & Botanical Elixir

Letting Go✨ Crystal & Botanical Elixir

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Letting go oral elixir is ritually made to help release, rest, reflect on what’s no longer required & helps the negative energy lift. It allows you to make peace with what was & to let go and open your heart and mind to a new way of being & enhances your vibration so that radiant light may shine through. 

Made with camomile, passionflower, nettle, oat straw & liquorice to help with anxiety, stress, pmt, insomnia, fibromyalgia (especially for survivors of domestic violence), pain relief, digestion, liver healing & much more

Its charged with rose quartz, carnelian & jasper crystals which help with healing internalized pain, improve love & trust especially after any violence or manipulation & helps during depressive states. 


This was cleansed & blessed with the intention to heal past trauma. 

 Comes with an info sheet, instructions & a personalized reading.