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Retrograde Sacred Smudge🧿 “new 9” large)

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RETROGRADE SMUDGES. It’s nearly time for mercury to join so you can expect the energy to be crazy & you might feel more emotional, anxious, lethargic & depressed. During Mercury retrograde I suggest you don’t make any important decisions, don’t sign anything or buy any property/business’ etc... these retrograde smudges are made up of mugwort, sage, white roses, lavender, lithansus, sea lavender & narcissi ellicheer. Laced with amethyst & black obsidian  which are both protection stones & will help with mental clarity, encourages stability, harmony & relives stress. Also comes with a stick of Palo Santo. 

Mugwort properties- heavy duty cleanser, protects against evil eyes & hexes. 

White rose- Connects you to the inner divine & is a symbol of the moon. Helps you to develop your spirituality & awaken your own divinity. Also helps with purification & peace. 

Lavender- To help with mental clarity, promote harmony & balance. 

Lisanthus- Promotes positive thoughts & focus on mental powers. 

Sea lavender- promotes calming energy & removes communication blockages. 

Narcissi Elicheer- Symbolizes rebirth, new beginnings. A calming flower to bring inner peace. 

Amethyst- Powerful & protective stone. Acts a tranquilizer, relieves stress & soothes irritability, balances mood, dispels anger, fear and anxiety.

 A comforting & protective stone. When paired with amethyst it promotes harmony & balances your ying & yang. Gives you inner stability & strength & boosts confidence & security

Black obsidian for protection. Please note crystals will vary depending on availability.