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Black Salt🧿


Remove problem people from your life. Black salt is used for protection and banishing. This salt can be used to remove negative energy from your sacred space,  banish unwanted guests and influences, or absorb negativity. Black salt, on it's own, absorbs negative energies and should be stored away, until you are ready to use and "activate" it. A pinch is all you need, just be sure to dispose of any salt used in rituals outside to disperse the energies within the salts, back to the earth. This witches black salt is ritually handmade with ground sea salt, sacred herbs and charcoal. 

Sprinkle around your doors and windows, around your house, in your car, in spells and anywhere you need to protect against negativity and bane. 

Remember that your thoughts control the outcome of your spellwork. Use your intentions with care when manifesting with a product like this. Assume that You will get your wish, and therefore, be very careful what you wish for!

How To Use Black Salt For Cleansing + Purification 
To cleanse a space, fill a small bowl with black salt and place it at or near the center of the space. The black salt and the naturally occurring charcoal it contains draws in and neutralizes negative energies. After a day or two, release the salt back to the earth somewhere off your property or pour the salt into a moving body of water.

Carry in a pouch around your neck or in your pocket to repel negativity.

Sprinkle black salt in the footsteps of someone you want to stay away from your home or business.

Sprinkle on floors and across doorways, then sweep up and dispose.

Keep a bag of black salt under your pillow to ward off bad dreams, sleep paralysis and night terrors.

Use in ritual baths, along with herbs and essential oils.

Keep away from eyes and Do not inhale or consume this product. Wash hands throughly after handling salts. 

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