Born Free Ritual Bath Soak

Cleanse, protect and ground yourself

This ritual soak is healing, purifying & protects you.. It's great for empaths out there who are constantly picking up people's energy's & vibes, use it to prevent psychic attacks, hexes, and any other negative vibes being put out there or when your just needing a spiritual detox. Literally scrub the the day away, release those bad vibes, let go of false attachments & cleanse your aura & soul. The ingredients in this allow you to also feel grounded to the earth which allows you to think clearer & reduces stress.

Filled with 8 sacred herbs & oils that aid in cleansing, releasing negative energy & protects you. The herbs offer clarity, and dispels darkness & assists you during a healing Journey. It removes blockages & eliminates confusion. It also supports you in letting go of “victim mentality” and helps you stand up for yourself & allows you to put up boundaries & defenses. It assists you in letting go of patterns of of self betrayal & patterns of co-dependency. Helps with self related childhood pain, trauma & abuse by restoring your sense of self. It will leave you feeling empowered, protected, courageous, independent and capable. It dispels feelings of despair & lethargy.When you are on a healing path or wanting a deep cleanse this means letting go of limited beliefs, toxic energy/people & negativity.

This soak assists you in cleansing physically, emotionally and spiritually and allows you to release trapped feelings you may have buried, Rids toxic emotions of hate, anger & resentment. The combination of salts and herbs wards off negative vibes, domineering personalities & other negative influences & psychic attacks. Learn to say no & start living in integrity with your true self, you are a boss b*tch & an independent queen!

Comes topped with a charged black obsidian crystal you can wear on yourself to keep you protected and grounded throughout the day.

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