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Born Free Ritual Oil

This oil is like having a liquid smudge stick or Palo Santo stick at your disposal. This baby has been brewing for nearly 3 months, sitting under full moons, infusing with Palo Santo & protection crystals this oil helps rid toxic energy, bad vibes & cleanses your space/body/energy instantly. Born free oil is especially helpful for empaths as we have the tendency to absorb other people’s energies which can be draining & stressful. It also will keep you safe from psychic attacks or the evil eye.

Start your daily ritual by anointing your pulse points & souls of feet, this will protect you during the day. Add to your ritual bath to melt the day away & to release & cleanse any energy you may have picked up, dress your candles or even anoint your door handles for extra protection especially during times like retrograde. The options are endless. Also comes in a 10ml roller. Don’t like oils? Palo Santo sacred spray is this oil in a spray bottle. Also comes in a bath ritual bath soak which in conjunction with the oil is the ultimate self care & protection ritual.

(30ml oil)

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