Boundary Ritual Oil

When our boundaries are not strong we find ourselves falling victim to feeling influenced by other people & outside circumstances. We may perceive ourself powerless, unable to find strength to change not only anything in our life but any situation. This oil helps us stand up for ourselves by being proactive, taking initiative & helps us feel capable of making our own decisions regardless of other people’s opinions or responses. It helps us break free of victim mentality

This oil helps us let go of patterns of self betrayal, toxic victim thought patterns and co-dependcy, by helping us re-connect with our spiritual integrity. It helps re build our boundaries and defenses. It encourages us to stop letting people take advantage of our time, energy or talents and stops letting others feed off our energy & helps us to stop feeling responsible for other peoples problems.

In many situations, from childhood, at work, as a partner or friend we may feel like a pushover and that we are continuously having our boundaries pushed, broken and feel like we are being walked all over. This oil gives us the courage to say NO by re-igniting our inner fire, our inner courage & squashes any fear we have around the word no that may stem from self related childhood trauma, pain or abuse. It is especially helpful to break free of patterns of abuse by restoring our sense of self. This oil will help you live true to yourself by establishing clear boundaries. It teaches true respect and appreciation for our physical body and helps those who struggle to honor their physical body. It will leave you feeling courageous, empowered, protected, independent, capable & proactive.

Ritually infused with crystals, sacred herbs and reikied.

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