Burnout Relief Ritual Oil Roller

Burnout Relief Ritual Oil✨⠀

Ritually made to relieve headaches but also helps us in releasing the stress and emotional tension that may have contributed to our headache. It helps us release the fears that create the tension and pain in our physical body. It helps in regaining balance during periods of time where we where we are overworked burnt out and fatigued. As physical and emotional discomfort dissipate, feelings of appreciation and gratefulness come back into our lives. This oil helps us let go of feelings of being overwhelmed and supports those who struggle with an overactive mind and an inability to unwind. It helps us to stop worrying by quieting the mind, releasing agitation of constant pressures and burdens. ⠀

Sometimes we struggle to keep up with the demands of life, this oil will help the underlying issues that are often caused by restlessness and imbalance. It also helps bring motivation and drive back into your life when you’re feeling exhausted. When we feel life has lost it sparked its time the connection to the magic in life needs to be restored. It also helps us focus even when we are tired, it activates the mind, grounds us mentally and is great when your attention span is short due to burn out. When we are exhausted and burnt out we need extra motivation and encouragement. This oil helps moves the stagnant energy, so you may regain energy and confidence to follow through with your intentions. When you feel like you have less energy and motivation to complete important life tasks it is easy to become lethargic or discouraged, especially when we are in a long-term situation, job, relationship etc that is physically or emotionally taxing. ⠀

It will give you the confidence to reassure you that you do you have the courage you need to face another day. It helps with concentration while supporting your emotional body and teaches us to be mentally present by focusing on one thing at a time. It balances mental fatigue due to too much work and restores energy, mental flexibility and the drive to complete the day. The symptoms of burn out are usually, low energy, being overwhelmed and having no ability to cope with life stresses. This oil helps bring strength back to body and relaxation to the mind. It also helps and supports us when we are under a lot of mental strain & brings rejuvenation after long periods of burn out and exhaustion. It strengthens the adrenals and restores the body to it’s natural state of sleep, activity and rest. It’s also helpful for recovery from negative habits and gives hope and optimism to a tired soul. It may assist you in giving up. Stimulants & help with substance abuse by bringing back your natural energy.

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