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Camphor is a beautiful white crystal long used to heal, purify, cleanse energy, banish evil + welcome clarity

camphor is majorly protective. Let it was away your fears + evoke a more brave, confident attitude. It is a good idea to keep some on hand whenever you need a quick, easy, effective way to cleanse a space, banish evil, or add some serious power to a spell. Camphor removes negative vibes stress and removes the evil eye. 


🧿Camphor for Cleansing

  • Burning camphor purifies the home environment. It drives away all negative vibes and evil spirits. Camphor can also help purify and cleanse new spaces like homes, apartments or offices. 
  • Crumble some pieces off your block of camphor and place on hot charcoal along with any other herbs or resins that feel right for you. This will move stagnant energy and rid any lingering energy from the previous tenant.
  • After cleansing, put a few pinches of grated camphor in the corners of your room or home to keep negative influences out. Just make sure it is not placed where children or pets might try to take a taste. If you do have pets you can pop the camphor in a small glass jar/cup/ basically anything that’s animal and child proof. 
  • Add camphor to a bowl of fresh water, along with Florida water beside your bed to offer protection from dense energies + bad dreams as you sleep.

  •  Allow camphor to assist you with tapping into your own psychic awareness.

  •  Cleanse + consecrate ritual tools with camphor smoke.
  •  Use camphor to strengthen your clarity + focus when scrying in still water.



🧿Camphor for my Hustlers babes 

To increase wealth burn on charcoal camphor & Hustla sacred herbs (coming soon) or get a rose, find a heatproof dish and burn the camphor in the rose increase wealth burn camphor on charcoal along with Hustla sacred herbs (coming soon) alternatively you can use frankincense or crush up a bay leaf and add to charcoal. An other ritual to attract prosperity  or get a rose, preferably dried, drop a few drops of Hustla oils in the rose find a heatproof dish and burn the camphor in the rose. Make that money💰sis.

🧿Camphor Ritual Baths and other uses. 

  • Some people like to dilute a crumbs or half a square of camphor in a litre of warm water then added slowly to your bath. Camphor helps with pain as all my ritual bath soaks do, so adding a handful of your bath salts + the camphor is an easy way to not only ease pain, but helps cleanse you then by adding the ritual salts your adding another layer to your self care. Add another layer by adding in a few drops of any ritual oil. 
  • If you don’t have a bath don’t stress, you can always make a foot end leg ritual bath. Making this soak is easy and simple as it only uses the products that will be in most homes. Eucalyptus oil is know to have soothed aching body parts externally for over centuries and camphor is a natural coolant. This cool combo is bound to calm your tense feet.  It involves mixing 8 cups hot water, 1 cup honey, 2 cups Epsom salt, 2 Tablespoons almond oil (optional), 6 drops eucalyptus oil, a camphor block, Soak your legs in the mix for a stimulating soak. Again if you're wanting to add another layer you can always add some of your ritual salts or oils.

🧿 Camphor Ritual Floor Wash 

  • Cleaning the floors of the house with camphor powder mixed in water creates a positive environment. 


  • A piece of camphor is held in the right hand and moved around the individual afflicted with the evil-eye three times in a clockwise direction from the feet to the head and then moved down again. Then, the camphor is burnt on the floor.
  • When compared with other elements used for casting off the evil-eye, fragrance of camphor has greater capacity to absorb the distressing vibrations, congregate them in the camphor and then destroy them with the help of fire.
  • After moving the camphor around the person, it is not thrown into the fire (smouldering coal) but is kept on the ground and burnt. 


How to read the flame or Special characteristics of evil-eye

  • Not afflicted by evil-eye : On burning the camphor, when the flame is steady and there is no smoke, it means that the individual is not effected by evil-eye.
  • Mild effect of the evil-eye: On burning the camphor, when the flame flutters a little and is there is no smoke, it means that the individual does have an evil eye put on them but will be easily removed. 
  • Medium effect of the evil-eye: On burning the camphor, when the flame flutters moderately and gives out little smoke, it means that the individual is moderately effected by evil-eye & again will be easily removed with smudging, ritual baths or showers, oils and protective crystals and things like Florida water or Born Free Ritual Oil. 
  • Severe effect of the evil-eye: On burning the camphor, when the flame gives out a lot of smoke, it means that the individual is severely effected by the evil eye. At this stage I suggest seeking the help of someone who specializes in cleansing you, your home or place of work. This is are available on my website under “services” I would start off with a phone consult or a 1:1 consult. Please email me with the title URGENT after purchasing your consultation.

comes in cubes or squares of 4.