Cinnabar & Opalite
Cinnabar & Opalite
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Cinnabar & Opalite

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This stone resonates strongly within the sacral chakra and base or root chakra, and this energy is known to enhance the awakening of your kundalini.

It will encourage a stronger flow of life-force energy within these lower chakras, where it is known to stimulate sexual feelings, and may enhance personal relationships.

It is known to also help you to release fear and resentment, and to deal with hurt feelings, anger, and jealousy, and stop you from taking issues to heart.

Cinnabar has a strong vibration to ground excessive energy, taking any excess down via the base chakra to the earth chakra, to facilitate spiritual grounding.

This makes it a helpful stone to use for enhancing your personal relationships, as any excess of energy will safely dissipate to ground.

It will aid you with developing intuition, and brings an increase in your mental alertness, ingenuity and your ability to think more directly and creatively.

It is a powerful stone to use during meditation, as it enables you to better understand the flow of energy from the Divine source to the physical world.

When used in meditation, Cinnabar stone may enable you to better understand how this process works. It is known as an excellent stone to have in your business to manifest money. It may help you to ascertain where problems are that may block your abundance.

The best way to use it is to keep it close to where you receive your money, as this method has been known to bring an increase in income.

It can be kept in a sealed box or container near where you receive money and the energy will still be able to benefit you. It also great for people who offer services , as it will increase your assertiveness and may aid your speech to be more articulate and more persuasive.

This may bring an influx of abundance and prosperity into your life. It is also known to stimulate an increase in self confidence and to facilitate more fluency in your communication.


Opalite is beneficial for those who have trouble sleeping or often experience nightmares. It’s very soothing to the heart and can help regulate an irregular heartbeat.

It can support healthy lung functions and oxygenation in the body.

Opalite is also known as a merchant stone, which makes it a very beneficial stone to use to achieve success in business. It will help manifest monetary wealth and material affluence.

It will also improve your interaction and communication with people, which will greatly add to your set of business skills. It’s a highly energizing stone that will keep you persistent and help you overcome fatigue or exhaustion.

When it comes to love and relationships, Opalite is very beneficial, especially when you’re experiencing major changes. It will assist in making smooth and easy transitions. It will help get rid of your fears and worries and encourage you to fully embrace the experience.Whether you will be moving houses, changing your career, accepting a new job, getting out of a relationship, or having a baby, Opalite will help you survive and flourish.

It will eliminate your fears and make you look forward to the new things that will come your way!

As much as Opalite is an energizing stone, it’s also a very relaxing and calming stone. It’s a good stone to have with you when you want to calm down and relax at the end of the day.

If you want to spice things up in the bedroom, Opalite will also stimulate your libido and your sexual prowess!As a result, you will enjoy an overall enjoyable and pleasurable sexual experience.

Opalite is a wonderfully peaceful crystal that will be good for soothing the symptoms of depression and in healing relationship problems. It helps soothe nerves and help you overcome your anxieties. It will also bring you inner peace and a sense of calm in any kind of situation.