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🧿Born Free Candle..⠀⠀⠀
Cleansing, grounding & protecting. Burn for protecting and shielding yourself & your home from unwanted outside energies. Perfect for empath’s as we tend to take energy, mentally, emotionally and energetically. The Born free candle stops you from taking on other people’s emotions/problems and supports removing any energy from your space that does not resonate with your energy frequency. ⠀⠀⠀⠀
Burn the Born Free candle anytime throughout the day or when you feel you made need a little added protection, grounding or cleansing. Made using Coconut soy wax, infused with Palo Santo essential oil & topped with a Black Obsidian. ⠀⠀⠀
Feeling Myself...⠀⠀
Unconditional Love, Confidence & divine feminine energy. This candle suits to be burned at any time! Again made using coconut soy wax, Rose, Jasmine, Geranium essential oils. ⠀⠀
Rose Quartz infused healing properties: restores trust & harmony within yourself and or partner. Opens heart to promote self love, allow the self care you deserve, promotes inner healing & brings calm. Replaces all bad vibes with good vibes. Energetically charged by the moon & reikied with the intention of promoting self love. ⠀⠀

Hustla Candle..⠀⠀
Burn to increase your energetic frequency to align with the frequency of prosperity, abundance, infinite blessings & attracting good luck into your life. ⠀⠀
Burn this candle to draw in money, generate prosperity, increase pay, promotions at work, collect debts owed, and business blessings. ⠀⠀
Made with coconut soy wax, pure essential oils...vibes of Jasmine flowers, Rose geranium & grapefruit. ⠀⠀
Topped with Citrine crystal which has been cleansed & charged. Wear it on yourself to turn yourself into a money magnet💰as we handpour we make to order so please leave a note when ordering if you would like born free, feeling myself or hustla. 

Product Information: White Vessels. Each Candle is subject to difference as they are hand poured and created from scratch. 300mg Candle. 


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