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Dangerously In Love Ritual Bath Salt

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Used to clear negative love patterns such as dating the same type of toxic person, relationships that fail in the same way every time, fighting over the same things in an existing relationship or lack of communication in existing relationship, can be used to cut cords to past lovers, clients or anyone that has been in your space. Clearing this negative energy is essential in order to open up to giving and receiving healthy, fulfilling, sacred, reciprocated real love.

This salt is to be used as a chord-cutting ritual. It helps you cut ties with ex-lovers, helps you use your head not your heart when it comes to finding love or maybe in your existing relationship. It’s also great for those who are suffering with addiction, trying to heal from trauma or those having self self worth issues that stem from childhood or abusive partners. Below is a list of the oil descriptions but due to having my products replicated I have removed the names. 

Oil 1. oil of renewal, it brings strength to the heart & relaxation to the mind.  It also helps recovery from bad habits (yes dating toxic men can be a habit.) It gives optimism & hope to your soul.

Oil 2. The oil of self-acceptance, it relieves feelings of despair, self-judgment & low self-esteem. It  has a cleansing effect on stagnant feelings and limiting belief systems such as “I’m bad, unlovable & not good enough.”

Oil 3. Helps you regain objectivity, mental sobriety & self-control.

Oil 4.  The oil of self-assurance, it brings gladness & courage to your heart and soul, it allows you to see how beautiful you truly are.

Oil 5. Oil releasing control, it will detox negative emotions & debris, it encourages you to release worry & control & liberates your soul from heavy burdens.

Oil 6. The oil of clarity & vision, it assists during times of crisis when a drastic change (such as heartbreak) or new perspective is required.

Oil 7.  the oil of boundaries, supports you in letting go of victim mentality & helps you feel empowered, reconnecting you to your true self & gives you the courage to say NO. It reignites a fire in your soul that can assist if there has been damage due to self-related childhood pain, trauma or abuse. Clove helps you break free of patterns of abuse by restoring your sense of self.

Oil 8. the oil of truth, it invites you to let go of lower vibrations, lies, deception, and negativity. When one has felt abandoned or forgotten, it  reminds them that they are loved & protected.

Oil 9 the oil of love and trust, it restores trust in others due to painful life experiences, it encourages emotional honesty, love & forgiveness. It aids in healing a broken heart & softens anger from emotional wounds.

Oil 10 the oil of honoring your body, it supports those who are caught in patterns of mistreatment or abuse.

Oil 11, the oil for pain, it aids those who have been abused or suffer from self-destructive behavior. This oil restores confidence in life and self and offers hope that your wounds can be healed. It brings hope to the most discouraged of souls and life to those in need of rebirth.

Oil 12 the oil of cleansing. Assists individuals who are ready to enter a healing mode or cleansing state. In this state, one easily lets go of old, limiting beliefs, toxic energies & negativity. It teaches you to move forward without hesitation.

Oil 13 the oil of connection, aids those who are unable to trust others or form relationships. This inability to trust often stems from harsh life experiences. It softens the heart and heals it from past wounds. It restores trust and openness so that true bonds of love may be formed in friendships and relationships.

Oil 14 the oil of releasing & forgiving, its a powerful cleanser of the emotional body and assists in addressing trapped feelings. It particularly helps in treating toxic emotions of hate, rage, anger & resentment. It empties the soul of all negativity & allows you to receive love and offer forgiveness.

Oil 15. the oil of the inner child, it’s a powerful remedy for releasing emotional trauma from the past. Allows for emotional healing to flow naturally, nurturing the heart in the process, it reconnects you to your inner child. You are love, you deserve love & love shouldn’t hurt ❤️

Comes infused with a charged & cleansed amethyst crystal you may like to place in you & your lover's bedroom or to wear on you. Amethyst aids in breaking cycles of addiction or addictive behavior *crystals can vary depending on what comes up when your product is being reikied*

All Ritual Salts come with epsom, magnesium & pink himilayan salt. Ritually infused with organic herbs that work well with the oils. 

All produces 100% high grade essential oil, receive reiki, Luna charging & are cleansed and blessed before being dispatched. 

 *If any irritation Occurs please discontinue use*