DNA Repair Ritual Oil

This oil works emotionally as well as physically with the cycles of life and death and personal transformation. By saying goodbye to the old we become free to experience the new...this is called transformation. This oil supports in releasing all types of negative family patterns which are recorded in the body & in our DNA. It can help us when struggling with debilitating circumstances as it helps to relieve feelings of doubt, despair, disbelief and burden. It teaches us to reclaim our energy and to believe that change is possible. It helps support the process of regaining health and vitality by encouraging the release of old and the birth of new. It will leave you feeling balanced, repaired, transformed, healthy and open to change. It’s a powerful remedy for our heart it, it reconnects us to our inner child and encourages us to restore a childlike nature and innocence. This oil is a natural remedy for releasing emotional trauma from the past, also Feelings and patterns that may have been passed down from generation that can be deeply buried. This oil allows us to release these emotions and nurtures your heart in the process. Patterns and traditions are usually passed down from family members, and generations and generations. Some of these patterns are positive while many others are negative and destructive, including substance abuse, anger, codependency, physical & emotional abuse, eating issues etc. This oil helps us releases negative patterns from the body and soul. We can choose not to participate in destructive family patterns and break the tradition. This oil offers spiritual protection and helps us stay true to the path of healing even if after our family members do not agree. It helps us with generational healing, the ability to feel free & create healthy patterns & new pathways. It’s also so deeply cleansing of the emotional body and helps us in addressing suppressed feelings which have been passed down from our ancestors. It brings to the surface old stagnant feelings and is helpful in treating toxic emotions of anger, hate, rage and resentment (especially towards our family or our circumstances) which causes our heart to close. It brings forth patterns and tendencies of unconscious repetitive family mistakes. If you are unable or unwilling to break free of your families way of thinking how are you ever going to find your true self? Some of us feel a great sense of guilt and loyalty towards our families patterns and traditions and feel that any departure from this is a great betrayal. This oil helps you make your own decisions even if it means breaking free from conventional methods. It encourages healthy connections between ourselves and our family and support us in making our own decisions while still feeling connected to our family and ancestry. It invokes a deep appreciation for positive forms of ancestral knowledge & family history. It helps us break family patterns that we have inherited such as limitations, excessive loyalty and unhealthy traditions. It leaves us feeling balance and free. It nurtures the souls relationship with its maternal mother and with mother earth it. It helps those of us who have had disturbances with our mothers, Whether it’s an issue with our biological mother or whether it’s with mother earth & not being able to feel grounded to her. This oil will help bridge the gap and heal the disturbance that may go back generations and generations of woman. It helps the soul to feel the love and nurturing presence of the mother. It leaves us feeling safe and secure. When the mother and child bond has been disrupted this can deeply leave adults having huge issues around trust. Feelings of trust may be replaced with feelings of fear and I believe that the world is unsafe. This oil helps us let go of those feelings of fear and helps reestablish a healthy connection to the earth and to one’s own mother, it also restores the trust within the soul. It helps us learn to live intrust & confidence & helps our soul feel safer and more at home. It leaves us feeling nurtured bonded and loved.

When one has left feeling abandoned or forgotten this oil helps remind you that you are loved and protected, like a loving father who nurtures guides and protects.

As adults we can choose to break free from destructive traditions passed down through our families, this oil helps us to live our true lives and believe our own values. It can also help us increase the bond with our family, encouraging healthy family dynamics with people and meaningful relationships. It teaches us to learn from-others experiences especially our family and ancestors and encourages respect for elders and ancestral heritage. It reminds us that our ancestors holds so much valuable wisdom that we can learn from, especially from individuals who are older wiser and more experienced. This oil can also help when we are feeling attacked or unsupported by family or friends. It helps us to connect to our roots specifically the connection to family and ancestors and overcoming negative generational patterns especially in situations where we are being rejected if we choose a different way. We are our own person, no body owns us and do not feel guilt for choosing what is best for your soul.

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