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Geode Crystal

Each mini Geode Pair is lined with tiny glittering quartz crystals that shimmer in the light. Whisper your dreams and desires into the geode and let their magic begin! The two halves fit perfectly together, symbolizing two people becoming one—they’re the perfect gift for that engagement party or wedding.

A geode is a wonderful crystal to have in your home, office and sacred space. It brings the energy of balance and beauty into your space. Quartz emits strong healing and cleansing energy that eliminates negative energy and raises the vibration of your living space. The cave-like shape and the number of little crystals within the geode pair are believed to amplify the flow of positive energy in your space.

These mini geode pairs are magical and beautiful. Each one unique and no two are exactly the same. Gift the geode pair to your favorite couple, setting an intention for their future together. Keep one half and share the other half with someone that your treasure. Cleanse your stones by leaving them in these little crystal caves. These geodes also make the perfect addition to your crystal altar, bedside table or office desk.

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