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Healing Honey Elixir *for Australian customers only*

Healing Honey Elixir *for Australian customers only*


Ritually made under a full moon with the intention of healing body, mind + spirit.

Whats in it?

%olistic healing honey which has already been induced with the sacred herbs. Honey helps to relive pain, stress, and depression. It helps you to find the sweetness in life and also gives your body back the sweetness and love you may be lacking due to a traumatic event.

Rose buds encourages love, innocence, healing your heart after you have been hurt

Jasmine Flowers awaken the power of the feminine, Helps with anxiety, invites positive intentions and self acceptance

Luna Rays encourages feminine healing, power, wisdom, love, support and compassion.

*Amber clears depression encourages positive thoughts that support you, and grounds your energy into the body.

Gold Tigers Eye helps you take action or make choices from a place of knowing, trust, clarity and love, instead of making them out of fear.

.㎡igers Eye Lifes depression, aids in lifting symptoms of mental illness, heals issues around self worth, self criticism and blocked creativity.

㎎nakite brings the root cause of an issue to the surface for healing and transformation, a stone of rebirth.

Rested for eight weeks in a crystal bowl with a daily sound healing to heighten the healing vibration to 100%. The Reiki cleanses raises the vibration increases healing potential for the heart which will change the mind.

Channeled message: healing may occur for up to four generations as the current issue you are dealing with may have its origins in the past. When you use your elixir also take time to smudge your self and your home to clear any energy that is not yours your energy is sacred and must be treated as such. This elixir will help lift your vibration to a higher level. For those with depression it will help you to see another way of living, breathing and loving.

What will it heal?
heart issues, depression, tension in the upper body, feeling like you cannot continue on like the way you have been, victimhood, martyrdom, self blame, self betrayal& self condemnation.

Your elixir will come with a more detailed description & when my mother reikies them before sending out she will highlight the areas that apply to you. This is a little bottle of reiki & filled with so much crystal love, luna love, sun & a daily sound bowl healing.