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Himalayan Rose & Coconut Ritual Bath Salt


This ritual scrub combines the power of rose and the healing properties of pink salt rose quartz and gold. This is a little tub of all things self care and self love. ⠀

We all wear jewelry made with gold but has it ever occurred to you to use it in your skin care? Gold is known to regenerate aging or damaged skin cells and using it in this form is an effective way to incorporate precious metals into your skin care ritual. Both Rose and gold have been used to treat skin care since ancient times. Rose hydrates and soothes whilst lifting your vibration. Gold has a natural anti-microbial and antibacterial properties that helps to harmonize and balance the skin. The crystals help to brightening clarify and also allow you to experience energy and she said the intention of the program Crystal. That is why it is always so important to give thought to your intention whether it’s protection, harmony or love. Before programming or charging your crystals or self care products you can write down your intention and a sticky note and label it and tape it to the bottle or jar.