Hustla Ritual Bath Salt

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The herbs in this bath soak increase vibrations of luck, success, cash flow and promote lux vibes. Bathe in this and think about your financial goal, success, prosperity, or even that extra bit of good luck before a job interview, shift or booking, It will leave you feeling empowered and allow you to feel like the boss bitch you are. Comes with a Citrine crystal which is a little money magnet. 

How to use:
These spiritual bath soaks have been used since ancient times to either cleanse away negativity for new beginnings or to attract blessings. Before you take your ritual bath you might like to take a shower. Make sure your space is clean and could even do a quick smudge or cleansing spritz to bring good energy into the air. Put on some relaxing music and light some candles to set the mood.  Draw your bath and soak for a minimum of twenty-five minutes. Keep your attention on manifesting wealth, prosperity, good luck, more clients, getting that job, winning that court case etc and hold those thoughts and energies. Take deep breaths, relax and enjoy. You can take a rinsing shower after your ritual soak.