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Hustla ritual bath soak

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Use to draw in money, generate prosperity, increase pay, promotions at work, collect debts owed, and business blessings. 

Made with organic coconut oil, organic brown sugar & filled with 8 money drawing/good luck herbs, crushed rose petals, Jasmin flowers & key notes of Rose geranium, grapefruit & Jasmine. 

Topped with a large Citrine crystal which has been cleansed & charged. Wear it on yourself to turn yourself into a money magnet💰 

Ritual: Add a few handfuls of this to your bath and set the intention. If you wanting a specific financial goal you may like to ask the universe to help you achieve it, light a bless up candle, add a citrine and any other crystals you like, you may also like to add some fresh flowers or fruit. Then lay back and relax.