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Hustla Ritual Smudge

Californian sage and lavender base.

Orange rose- Enhances desirability, ability to captivate & fascinate.

Lavender- For mental clarity & to keep you in balance, harmonising & protective.

Rosemary- A deep cleansing herb to cleanse the energy’s you pick up daily from clients, grounds you and allows for a fresh new day.

Ivy- Invokes abundance & protection. It’s a symbol of the goddess energy. Also brings good luck & you can pick a leaf off and carry it on you.

Bay leaf- For future success & protection. Write down what you desire to manifest on your leaf eg money, loyal regs, tripling income etc and burn it focusing on that you desire to bring it to fruition.

Dill- For money, luck & protection from evil

Spruce- Goddess energy, healing and protection

Adventurine crystal- known as the stone of opportunity. Thought to be the luckiest of all crystals especially manifesting wealth & prosperity. Not only an attractor of luck but one that aligns conditions so opportunities are inevitable. Boosts creativity & motivation & encourages perseverance.

Citrine quartz- Known as the merchants stone. It will assist you in requiring wealth but maintaining it. It’s a stone of abundance, manifestation, attracting prosperity & wealth. Professionally, it’s a solid support stone for it can improve interactions for those in sales as especially s/w.

*includes smudge only*

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