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Just Breathe Crystal & Botanical Elixir

Just Breathe Crystal & Botanical Elixir

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You receive a Personalized prescription + reading with each essence…

13 nights under moonlight and blended on Friday 13th on a new moon for healing on all levels…

Helps calm the nervous system & promotes sleep. 

Botanical Ingredients

~ a tonic to calm the nervous system whilst re-building your energy levels after heightened anxiety.

Hops ~ a relaxing sedative promotes a restorative sleep, reduces anxiety and nervous tension.

Lemon Balm ~ a healing balm for a weary nervous system + overwhelmed mind.
Passionflower ~ a calming herb to soothe inner tension, anxiety + stress that leaves you unable to sleep.

Valerian ~ a gentle sedative with anti-anxiety properties.
Vervain ~ offering purification, protection, love, and healing.

Infused with

Raindrops ~ tears from heaven to cleanse your heart from all its pain
Moonlight ~ goddess healing  
Rose Quartz
~ heals the broken heart, calms emotional distress, soothes inner agitation, stabilizes + restores harmony.

Apache Tears ~ protects aura from absorbing negative energy that heightens anxiety
Smokey Quartz ~ grounds your energy especially when you are feeling mentally tormented.  

Celestite ~ dissolves pain, relaxes muscle tension, calms the mind, brings in love.
Kunzite ~ helps nervous tension, when your feeling it’s ‘all in your head’, helps you to recover from emotional distress
Citrine ~ helps you to surrender the past.
Rhodonite ~ for healing from shock and trauma

Reiked and blessed