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Just Breathe Ritual Bath Soak


Enjoy this ritual soak when you just need a break after an anxious day or when you are feeling on edge or unsure of your current situation. Along with these beautiful herbs are salts, amethyst crystal and shell.

This ritual soak is used to used to calm your senses during times or panic, stress, or nervous exhaustion. It helps promote sleep, calmness & aids in creating a safe sacred place for your mind, body & spirit to just be.

Use this ritual soak to clear your mind of negative & unnecessary thoughts before bed.

Made with 3 different types of organic salt, organic lavender & camomile flowers.

Comes topped with a Blue or Green Calcite crystal you can use as a talisman to help with your anxiety throughout the day.

Ritual: Add a a handful of the soak into your bath, Add a few drops of my Just Breathe anxiety oil to your bath to aid in the alleviation of your negative energies and aid in your sleep. Light a peace ritual candle, sleep with a blue calcite, selenite or a light colored stone.

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