Palo Santo ConesšŸ§æ

Palo Santo ConesšŸ§æ

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The smoke of the sacred wood Palo Santo has been used by a variety of cultures for::

--shamanic ritualsĀ 
--negative energy cleansingĀ 
--healing (i.e. common colds, flu, stress, headaches, anxiety, depression, emotional pain, and the like)Ā 

Palo Santo, is wild growing tree native to parts of Latin America. It has traditionally been regarded in high esteem by traditional medicine people and shamans. It has been used to treat a wide variety of health issues, from stomach ache and respiratory ailments, to rheumatism and spiritual maladies.

We can use it today in its many forms to clear and purify our spaces. Palo Santo incense chases negativity from energy fields. It helps to connect the body and mind through its heavenly scent. It is a long lasting aromatherapy tool, a little Palo Santo goes a long way.

(5) Palo Santo Incense Cones, sourced from a small farm in Ecuador.Ā 
Each cone is approx. 1 1/2-2 inches in length.Ā 

Use as you would traditional incense cones. Light the end and allow to burn out (or gently blow out). Burn on a fire-proof vessel. Burn time approx. 20-25 mins.