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Pink tourmaline in quartz

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Like most heart based stones, the vibration of this lovely crystal brings an influx of love, joy and happiness into your life.

This lovely pink crystal is high in lithium.This is known to help emotional and mood related problems. Wearing Pink Tourmaline throughout the day helps release stress, worries, depression and anxiety. It can be used in partnership with Black Tourmaline to diffuse obsessive behavior.

Pink Tourmaline is one of the most loving stones for children. It provides comfort to those who have suffered any form of abuse, helps with sleep issues, and is particularly useful for spiritually sensitive Indigo children for its calming, centering qualities and assistance in considering consequences before taking action. 

Pink Tourmaline is the best crystal of emotional support for pregnancy and to assist in bonding with the baby. 

Pink Tourmaline is an extraordinary crystal for cleansing the emotional body of destructive feelings and old wounds accumulated over time. It releases guilt, worry, depression and anxieties, and guides those emotions into self-love. It helps the emotionally “numb” to recover passion and a zest for life, and helps the timid find the courage to love by changing old patterns of thinking and inspiring new trust in opening the heart. Pink Tourmaline stimulates happiness and joy, peace and harmony. 

Pink tourmaline is of great benefit to people that feel overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and panic attacks, or who are in need of help for healing their inner dread. It’s thought to be a heart protector as well as an aphrodisiac and it encourages feelings of safety in love which in turn instills confidence.

It brings compassion and wisdom into your dealings with others; it also promotes flexibility of thought.Tourmaline is thought to aid understanding of oneself and others. Also to encourage and attract inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity.

Balancing the right-left sides of the brain, tourmaline has been seen to help treat paranoia and improve dyslexia and hand-eye coordination.  Tourmaline releases tension, making it helpful for conditions stemming from physical tension.  It enhances energy and removes blockages.

This stone is useful when you need an injection of unconditional love, which starts with first loving yourself unconditionally. It comforts you when you are emotionally vulnerable. Employ this stone to discover what unconditional love means, how it feels and what to do to actualise it for yourself. Pink Tourmaline attracts love in all forms. It provides assurance that you are loveable and it is safe for you to love yourself and others.

Pink tourmaline is a nurturing tool that helps you restructure your thought forms or mental energy, into positive statements. It helps you raise your awareness enough to recognise the negative thoughts you carry around and then assists in releasing them. Use this stone with the intention of receiving inspiration. This stone softens the thoughts you have about yourself and helps you treasure yourself with every thought you have. 
It eases emotional pain and old destructive thought processes and feelings through the heart chakra, which it cleanses. Pink tourmaline promotes peace and relaxation, connects you to wisdom and compassion. It will stimulate receptivity to healing energies.