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Crystal infused scented candles✨


Made with coconut soy wax, essential oils and topped with a charged chunky crystal. Add this piece to your sacred space to purify your aura and home.

Feeling Myself (Rose Quartz) 

Unconditional Love, Confidence & divine feminine energy. This candle suits to be burned at any time!

Rose Quartz infused healing properties: restores trust & harmony within yourself and or partner. Opens heart to promote self love, allow the self care you deserve, promotes inner healing & brings calm. Replaces all bad vibes with good vibes. Energetically charged by the moon & reikied with the intention of promoting self love. 

Born Free Candle (Black Obsidian) 
Cleansing, grounding & protecting. ⠀⠀
The Born Free candle is for protecting and shielding yourself & your home from unwanted outside energies. Perfect for empath’s as we tend to take energy, mentally, emotionally and energetically. The Born free candle stops you from taking on other people’s emotions/problems and supports removing any energy from your space that does not resonate with your energy frequency.  Burn to remove evil eye. 
Burn the Born Free candle anytime throughout the day or when you feel you made need a little added protection, grounding or cleansing.

Citrine: It offers financial blessings, abundance in all areas & is perfect to burn on your altar to manifest all things money. 

These candles are 300gr