Rituals Consultation (face to face)

Rituals Consultation (face to face)

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 In Person 1:1 rituals consult

A few things you can expect

During your session I teach you how to use products & create your own rituals such as using essential oils, Florida water, smudging techniques, crystals, candles, sacred sprays, salts and herbs and other rituals products. 

 If you would like some added healing then we will organize a reiki practitioner to be involved. She has been practicing reiki for over 20 years who uses, kinesiology among other things, crystals, sprays, oils, oral tinctures and other sacred ways of healing.


  • What will you learn? 
  • How to use Rituals with Love products
  • teach you rituals for overheal healing remove blockages, womb healing after trauma, loss, abuse, increasing self-esteem, lifestyle  & work advice. A
  • Working on increasing self-love, increasing your general wellbeing, increasing happiness, balancing out chemicals to improve mental health.
  • supporting positive belief systems, positive self-talk.
  • I will teach you Chord cutting rituals cutting out am to rid yourself of a toxic ex, workplace or friend. If you choice to have the additional reiki and rituals with love product will be used  to complete your chord cutting which mostly involves in a womb cleaning ritual.
  • Grounding rituals . When being ungrounded causes us anxiety and confusion
  • Sometimes we lose ourselves often when we are in relationships,usually after a break up you are wanting to connect to your true self. If you are feeling like you don’t know who you really are so I can provide products and teach you rituals to start your journey of self love and finding your true self again. Perfect for someone wanting to start their healing journey of self love.
  • In Person ritual appointments will  support you in coping with/removing anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fatigue, burn out,insomnia, chronic pain, emotional illness, substance abuse recovery, abuse, sexual abuse, womb healing, removing blockages, healing after relationship breakdowns.

 What will happen after your treatment:

A summary of what came up in our meeting, putting steps in place to ensure your safe, giving you recourses you may need to take the next step in your journey of self love and healing. I will recommend the products that you need & how to use use the them & I will reach out to you on a regular basis to see how your journey is going. 

If you need reiki we can combine the 2. I recommend you get the reiki first as this will help determine the products your soul needs.

1:1 investment $150 for 1 hour or with reiki $300

i I require a 50% deposit Once you have done that I will be required to secure your booking.  

if you would like a phone session this can be done but I will still need the amount of time, info and energy to go into the session. 

I haven’t added information on variants yet so once I do feel free to purchase.