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Rose Quartz Crystal Slab

Beautiful rose quartz slab.

The color pink has long been associated with the energy of love, so it is no surprise that rose quartz is thought to help one attract love , as well as to heal from painful love experiences. Some say that it is also the presence of manganese in rose quartz that calms and heals the heart.

The heart-healing properties are the most prominent energy associated with rose quartz. No other crystal or stone is considered equal to rose quartz in helping one dissolve painful memories related to love. Remember that rose quartz is not just a healer, however—it also attracts love.

Use to place your crystals on, your jerwelly or even a candle.

please note that during COVID I have been unable to physically go into my crystal wholesaler to choose the crystals by hand so my wholesaler does the best to pick slabs that are the same size, some come in different shapes and we also purchase the slabs by the kilo so if you are sent a smaller slab by a few cm’s it will thicker so they are weighed and measured this way and we try our best to have consistent size which is between (15cm-19cm)

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