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Sacred Ritual Herbs

Ritual loose herbs, flowers and resins that you can burn on your charcoal. A sacred mix of home grown sage, Yerba Santa, Rose, Lavender, Rosemary, Carnations, Bay & Orris Root. I decided to do a multipurpose jar so this can be used for cleansing, grounding, purification, love drawing, money attraction, peace, good health and over all blessings✨ All herbs come with a intention crystal, when they are being made & receiving reiki is when which crystal will be decided to put on top of your jar. You can wear this crystal on your body or add it to your altar or ritual bath. How to use: Using an abalone she’ll or hear proof bowl, light your charcoal on a flame until the whole thing catches fire it usually takes about 15 seconds, it will then turn black. Place the charcoal on your shell using tongs & then add your herbs on top of the charcoal. You can then walk around your house holding the shell or bowl and cleanse your home usually starting in the kitchen. You may like to visualize all the negative energy being removed from your home or you may ask out aloud to release all negative energy, allow on love into your home/space & ask the universe to protect you and your loved ones. You can also cleanse your crystals and self care products this way, you can cleanse your family, pets and yourself. Also it’s always great to smudge your phone, social media page & computers as that’s where most people send out their ugly vibes to us. There’s lots of great info of smudging & cleansing online.

*Please note herbs may come in a recycle brown bag depending on what I have in stock. It comes with the same amount of herbs*

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