Sacred Ritual Palo Santo🧿

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Palo Santo (holy wood) is my favorite way or cleansing, its traditionally used for relieving common colds, flu symptoms, stress, asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, inflammation & clearing any negative vibes from yourself, home or objects. It is deeply grounding, cleansing & protective. 

Comes with a charged + cleansed crystal that will be then set with an intention of your choice. When ordering please leave a note and choose from the following intentions

Hustla CITRINE( prosperity, good luck, financial blessings)

Born free OBSIDIAN (protection, grounding & cleansing) 

Just Breathe CALCITE (anti anxiety, insomnia & calming) 

Feeling Myself ROSE QUARTZ (unconditional love, confidence & Devine feminine energy) 

Dangerously In Love AMETHYST OR SMOKEY QUARTZ  (chord cutting, new  beginning’s, breaking addictive behaviors) 

I will list these all separately soon so please leave a note. Note:these only come with one stick of Palo Santo. Please leave a note when ordering, If no note is left we will send out what the universe tells us too✨