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Selenite Bowl

Selenite again is a very cleansing stone. Used for mental focus and clarity, sharpening your awareness and restoring balance to mind body & soul. Selenite in your home or sacred space provides protection from negative vibes and creates and peaceful, safe & quiet environment. Cleanse and charge your crystals by putting them in your bowl, cleanse your phone, Jewellery etc. ⠀

The pure, High vibe of selenite is like liquid light, it cleanses, purifies and aligns you with your highest potential. It shifts your aura and ups your vibe. Raising your vibe is essential to keep your anxiety, grief, fear and angry out of your mental space. It evokes protection helping you dispel all negative energy from body mind and spirit as well as bringing a deep peace of mind and mental clarity. ⠀⠀
Place on bedside table, place your other crystal on them to cleanse and charge & is great to help with sleep. ⠀

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