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Snow Quartz crystal


Snow Quartz’s white & icy-looking appearance symbolizes clarity and innocence.

It’s a crystal that will activate your crown chakra, and it will help you in connecting with your higher self and with your spirit guides.

Having Snow Quartz in your  environment will help dispel your negative emotions and thoughts.Because of this crystal’s ability to neutralize overwhelming thoughts and emotions, Snow Quartz can also help in dealing with things like anxiety, ptsd & depression. 

This crystal will give you strength, stamina, and resourcefulness. It will help you fulfill your responsibilities, even those that are not necessary.

This crystal is often used for luck and prosperity because of the positive energies that surround you. 

Snow Quartz is a crystal that you can use to prevent your emotions from overflowing. It will help you control your emotional outbursts & anger. It’s an ideal crystal for people who are highly strung and whose emotions often run away from them. It will help you better process your feelings, absorb the emotional states, and release them in a healthy and calm manner.

The soft and feminine energy of Snow Quartz will help you on an energetic level so that you feel centered and balanced all the time.This gentle energy can also balance your yin and yang energies, as well as align all your chakras. It will enhance your meditative state and keep you alert and sharp during moments of panic or confusion. 

This crystal will get rid of your stress and give you mental clarity.It will calm you down and help you harmonize whatever comes into your personal energy fields.It will give you all forms of support when you’re going through life experiences and when you’re learning your life lessons.

It will bring you peace and serenity. It will provide you emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. It will also give you more compassion and awareness.

Snow Quartz is the crystal that you should have if you want to hold on to your innocence and sense of wonder in this oftentimes loud and chaotic world.