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Surrender Ritual Oil (Pain Oil)


This oil was created for physical chronic pain such as fibromyalgia but it can also assist us in releasing emotions that can be underlying issues in our physical pain. It gives us strength to face our physical and emotional wounds, allowing them to surface, transform & heal. When we suffer  from any sort of pain whether it be physical or emotional pain it can be so overwhelming we feel as if we are going crazy. This oil helps our mind stay calm regardless of the emotional or physical pain we are in. It allows us to go about our day maintaining mental clarity even when our bodies hurt or our heart aches. Those with a history of difficult life circumstances, trauma self-destruction, loss or abuse may feel well they need some gentle spiritual support which is what this oil offers. It gives strength and endurance to the broken, pushes us to  keep on living despite the pain that we are in. It restores your confidence in yourself and gives you the strength to carry-on.

It helps us accept and tolerate our pain it reveals the possibility that pain is trying to teach us something instead of resisting it help us embrace the lessons it has to offer. As we let go of the resistance the pain can lessen and often disappear altogether. It helps us become fully present in our physical body and is grounding, also stabilizing it helps us feel more grounded and fluid, which reduces mental & physical pain. It brings confidence in the body as well as physical strength and assists us to feel at peace while being present in our physical body. Trying to understand the nature of pain this oil encourages a change in all of life's experiences. It can leave you feeling strong, stable, Healed, courageous hopeful and determined.