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4 Thieves Ritual Oil


4 Thieves Ritual Oil is based on a story from the 15th century, when Europe and Asia were being devastated by the bubonic plague. The European group of four thieves seemed completely indifferent to the disease while robbing hundreds of corpses. According to the story not even one of the thieves contracted the deadly and highly contagious disease. When they were finally caught and sent to court the magistrate offered them a deal – their secret for a reduced sentence.⠀

Cleanse + disinfect room⠀
I use the all-purpose homemade cleaner. Use as a hand disinfectant. Add a few drops to bath for a cleansing ritual bath. 

Sick? If you feel a stuffy nose, cough or fever coming on, rub some on your feet and along your spine, to help you breathe better. (PLEASE SEE A DR IF YOU HAVE THESE SYMPTOMS) ⠀

Immune support ⠀
Use a few drops on bottoms of your feet. Do this once in morning and once at night to help boost your immunity. Great for cold and flu season for symptomatic relief.⠀

If you have a dishwasher add a few drops in before you start it, to help deodorize and clean your dishes⠀

Mobile Phone⠀
Our phones get SO dirty, put a few drops on a tissue/cloth and wipe down your entire phone. Helps clean and potentially disinfect.

Has been reikied with the intention to keep you and your home/workspace healthy. Smudging your house daily Kills bacteria, use your trauma oil or just breathe oil in an oil burner as that also has antibacterial properties. Listing now...