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Trauma Ritual Oil

This oil is similar to my just breathe blend, the difference is is that yes it still sedates you but it also allows one to get to a point where they are able to think clearly, calmly, rationally etc without becoming hysterical. This oil works for both psychological and physical trauma. My just breathe oil literally sedates you to the point of sleep whereas this oil will allow you to continue throughout your day without nodding off. We face trauma so often, this may be online bullying, maybe a relationship breakdown, death of a loved one, dv, courtcases & many other traumatic things in life. For example I will use my own experience with having to go to court to give evidence. I was so incredibly scared and nervous, I knew I couldn’t sedate myself to heavily because I needed to be alert but I needed SOMETHING to take the edge off. I would have used my trauma oil. This oil will gently guide you along until you get to go home & cry/release/breakdown/sedate. It’s also infused with violet leaves, lavender & rose for the heart chakra.

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