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Un-Break My Heart Crystal & Botanical Elixir

This Essence helps to heal broken hearts. As old wounds present this beautiful product will help you find compassion & acceptance for yourself as your heart opens, soften & heals. This essence offers renewal of your innocence that may have been taken away by an abuser, ex partner or a tragic life event.

Infused with 4 different crystals it helps soothe an angry heart, soothes an anxious heart that’s scared of being hurt again, increases your hearts power after being hurt & clears energetic imbalances to the brain, throat & immune system. As a heart centered woman you need deep heart connections & this vibrational medicine may sweep issues out from under the rug so they can be addressed in relation to your self worth.

This essence comes with a personalized card reading & instructions & has been reikied especially for your healing process . Start removing the layers of pain & guilt & start healing, you deserve it. 

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